Admission Information

  1. Admission form and prospectus may be collected by giving fixed fee at school office.
  2. Before admission, an oral and written test will be taken. Admission will be possible after entrance test or lying vacant seats. Admission can be will be given on merit basis.
  3. School fee will be deposited on the same day of admission including admission fee, registration fee, student’s fund fee and first quarter fee of three month. The remaining fee will be taken on fixed date, declared by school office.
  4. Admission fee of a student including first quarter of three month, will be non-refundable in any condition.
  5. If a student is present in a day of any quarter of three month, then he/she will have to pay this fee compulsorily.
  6. The quarter is to be deposited, must be deposited on date 7th, otherwise 10 Rs. per day late fee will be taken.
  7. Re-admission will be given on he request of parents by taking Re-admission fee Rs.
  8. If a student other than Rajasthan Board waifs admission in XI/XII class then he must submit the eligibility certificate issued by Rajasthan Board Ajmer. If it is not submit  in school with in 15 days of Admission will be treated cancelled automatically. For which the students and pall-Mt will be responsible.
  9. Due to unavoidable reasons temporary admission can be given, which will be given, which will take 15 days period. Temporary admission will be treated cancelled after 15 days if permanent admission doesn’t take place.
  10. It is necessary to enclose attested photocopy of marksheet, original transfer certificate along with the admission application form.
  11. Once a student can get temporary admission on the basis of marksheet or internet marksheet if he/she can’t deposit his/her original transfer certificate with the admission form. but original transfer certificate is not put up within 15-30 days then the certain temporary admission will be treated cancelled automatically. For this, he/she will be responsible himself/herself.
  12. Renew admission will be possible after fulfilling fixed renew form and deposited Rs.10. The Student who has failed in the examination his admission will not be renewed.
  13. The management committee has right to change or amend in above mentioned rules and regulations. Management committee’s decision will be considered final regarding fee and admission and no any case can be put up against it.